Angel Guided Pendulum Answer Kit
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This is an Angel Guided Pendulum Answer Kit;

It comes complete with the following:

1.  Two sided copy written Angel Guided Pendulum Chart Showing “Yes”, “No”, Months, Numbers and Alphabet.

2.  A beautiful Crystal pendulum with either  Rose Quartz or Amethyst with an 8 inch chain on one end and a lovely Angel to hold on the other.

3.  A lovely velvet pull string pouch to keep your Pendulum safe and secure.

4.  An instructional CD on how to use your Angel Guided Pendulum Kit, learn how to train your pendulum to work with your energy while communicating with the Angels.

Pendulums all have a certain vibration.  I will pick the perfect Pendulum and match it to your energy.  Pendulums become an extension of you and therefore should not be shared with others.  You will love this kit and the exquisite pure authentic crystal that comes with it!  But be careful, all your friends are going to want you to lend it to them, but you can not, because the energy and vibrational pull is matched with the user and this energy connection should not be disrupted by passing it around.  Each person should have there very own Angel Guided Pendulum Guide and Crystal.

 (Please note that the pendulum will be different with each and every order as it is picked to match the energy of the individual.  The crystal can be viewed by hitting the zoom buttom on the picture)


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Angel Guided Pendulum Answer Kit

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